Line Magnetic LM-126 10th Anniversary




LM-126 ten anniversary edition of the two years of uninterrupted development, adjustment, testing!

1. LM-126 ten anniversary edition use the KT66 as the core,
2. Using the Western Electric amplifiers circuit as the blueprint,
3. LM-126 is integrated with an input copy WE618 transformer, and set the switch as a monoblock.
4. Using 5U4 tube rectifier,
5. Almost half of the body of LM-126 is power supply, provide top power support.
6. Using a patented power supply shock clip PO-1 LM.
7. Using pure manual production.
8. LM-126 is fully automatic adjust the bias, even when had changed new KT66 tube the LM-126 can adjust the bias automatically.

Output power 15W+15W(RMS)
Frequency response: 10Hz~45KHz ±2dB
Sensitivity: 0.5V
Gain: 40/52dB
SNR: > 88dB
THD: 1%
Input: XLR/RCA
Input impedance: 100K /600Ω
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω,16Ω
Volume(mm): 480*300*530
N.W. 42Kg